WAY Widowed & Young

If you come to this site in search of consolation, hope or reassurance following the loss of your partner at an early age I hope with all my heart that you find something here that is of help to you. But of more value than any words I could possibly muster is WAY Widowed & Young.  

WAY is the only national charity in the UK for men and women aged 50 or under when their partner died. It’s a national network of thousands of people in the same position as us - and its been my lifeline. I was lucky enough to discover WAY within days of Louise's death and frankly I cannot imagine having to take this journey without the daily support it has given me. Online forums provide space for conversations on every possible issue you are likely to confront at each stage in the journey, from the cries of desperate pain in the earliest days of loss to navigating new relationships further down the line. Even more importantly, regular 'real world' meet ups for meals, activities, weekends away and even holidays allow the opportunity for the establishment of precious new friendships and fill the void of an otherwise suddenly empty social calendar. They bring with them the chance to feel normal surrounded by the company of those who just instinctively 'get it' and to learn again what it is to relax and have fun - it turns out that young widow(er)s can laugh just as well as they can cry.

The cost of membership is just £25 per year. The benefits are incalculable. 

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